Pink Zebra VS Scentsy

So you want to know the differences between Pink Zebra VS Scentsy.  First, let me start off by saying this is not a post to bash any other candle companies products. I have used and love others. This is just to compare the differences. You found this post because you want to compare Pink Zebra and Scentsy.  Here are some of the differences between the two (plus Pink Zebra uses Soft soy Wax NOT Paraffin)



Pink Zebra VS Scentsy Image

Pink Zebra Sprinkles VS Scentsy Bars



Pink Zebra Candle Sprinkles are so versatile! There are so many things you can do with Sprinkles that you just can’t do with bars…


Pink Zebra VS Scentsy Cost Comparison



Visual to show content comparison of our jars of Sprinkles vs another well known candle co. The pile of sprinkles is what’s left over after the plastic container is overflowing. You definitely get your money’s worth from our jars and the scent throw is amazing.

Pink Zebra sprinkles vs candle bars:


Pink Zebra VS Scentsy Image
Pink Zebra Vs Scentsy 



Pink zebra uses flyer