Pink Zebra Letters to Santa Simmering Light Holiday Shade

Pssst, ready or not Santa’s coming sooner than you think! What a gorgeous way to prepare your home for the holidays than with this Letters to Santa Simmering Light Shade! Combine with your favorite Simmering Light Base/Liner and you’re all set. Sprinkle with your favorite fragrance or mix to create a custom holiday scent… my favorites for this shade are Aspen Pine, Holly Berry, or Cranberry Balsam. Do you love it????




letters to santa simmering light shade pic

Letters to Santa Simmering Light Shade

I couldn’t wait to show you some of the newest PZ! LOTS more on my website


and symbol birds pz pomegranate tea pumpkin blossom soaks

Pink Zebra Soaks Car Freshener

Just one of the ways to use our new Pink Zebra Soaks line! Try them and you’ll be hooked




DIY Gender Reveal Candle Kit Pink Zebra

Pink Zebra has been a huge hit for gender reveals with gender reveal candles! Glimmer Candles make a perfect unique way for sharing what the new baby will be.

What you need:

Glimmer Glass Candle kit

White Sprinkles

Pink or blue for center

Whiskey Jug Shade and Oak & Bourbon Sprinkles

Pink Zebra Whiskey Jug Shade and Oak & Bourbon Sprinkles

A match made in heaven… Two peas in a pod… Whatever you call this dynamic duo, we think you will agree the NEW Whiskey Jug Shade is perfect for Oak and Bourbon Sprinkles!  (Don’t forget to choose your choice of base/liner for your Whiskey Jug Shade)

Pink Zebra Whiskey Jug Shade and Oak & Bourbon Sprinkles image
Pink Zebra Whiskey Jug Shade & Oak and Bourbon Sprinkles

They’re here!! Pink Zebra Soaks Lotions NEW and Customizable

Pink Zebra Soaks Lotions

Pink Zebra Soaks Lotion – add a few drops of your favorite Soaks fragrance or fragrances for a lotion that is uniquely yours!
Pink Zebra Soaks Lotions image
Pink Zebra Soaks Lotions

November Pink Zebra Special— ONLY thru me!

I love my customers and I’m so thankful for each and every one of you.
So I’m showing my love by giving you a November special just for you!

MUST order thru me .. message me on facebook or email me

November Special Pink Zebra

November Special Pink Zebra

SNEAK PEEK **** Love the smell of a gorgeous long stemmed red rose, but wish the scent lasted longer?? I have the solution… SPRINKLES!!!Get in the mood for romance with January’s Paisley’s Pick! A scent to swoon over It’s all coming up roses with this classic and fresh American Beauty. You’ve asked for it, and you won’t be disappointed with this beautiful rose scent. Everybody will love giving and getting our Long Stemmed Roses Sprinkles! So go ahead, sprinkle the world with love, love love



Pink Zebra Long Stemmed Red Roses Scent Image
Pink Zebra Long Stemmed Red Roses Scent


Pink Zebra Fundraising Ideas

School’s starting back! How many of you have to be a part of fundraisers thruout the year to raise money?? Need some fundraiser ideas for events, kids, medical expenses and more?

Pink Zebra has an awesome fundraiser program where the charity group or individual receives 40% of sales! We’ve had people use this program for sports teams, for someones medical bills, etc. You do NOT have to be abusiness to qualify for this program.

You can join Pink Zebra, raise money AND earn an income.



Pink Zebra Fundraising Ideas Image

Pink Zebra Fundraising Ideas

Vanilla Musk

Vanilla Musk Sprinkles

Vanilla Musk – Simply smoldering warm vanilla and musk.

Vanilla Musk is available in the following products:
Sprinkle Jar 3.75 oz – $8

To purchase Pink Zebra Vanilla Musk Sprinkles, click here.

Recipes for Vanilla Musk: 
All recipe ingredients call for equal parts unless otherwise specified.

A-Ten-Hut = Relax, Stone Washed Denim, Vanilla Musk

Alluring = Totes Cherry!, Vanilla Musk

Alice in Wonderland = Grape Popsicle, Strawberry Sass, Vanilla Creme

Cashmere = Apricot Ginger, Vanilla Creme, Vanilla Musk

Country Boy/Desperado = Stone Washed Denim, Vanilla Musk

Cranberry Jelly = Summer Berry Medley, Vanilla Musk

Day Dreams = Honeydew Melon, Stone Washed Denim, Vanilla Musk

Frankenstein = Anjou Pear, Pineapple Delight, Vanilla Musk

Harley Man = Napa Leather, Vanilla Musk

Hippie Chick = Moroccan Spice, Patchouli Sandalwood, Vanilla Musk

Imprint = Moroccan Spice, Spiced Vanilla, Vanilla Musk

Magnolia Blossom = Garden Lilac, Vanilla Musk, pinch of Silver Driftwood

Romance = Sweet Pea & Lily, Vanilla Musk

Purple Kisses = Jasmine Vanilla, Patchouli Sandalwood, Vanilla Musk

Got a recipe of your own that includes Vanilla Musk to share?
Email me at !

Check out our other Sprinkles fragrances! 

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Moroccan Spice
Vanilla Musk

Fruit & Citrus 
Anjou Pear
Apricot Ginger
Citrus & Herbs
Crazy Banana
Farm House Cider
Fresh Raspberry
Grape Popsicle
Grapefruit Mandarin
Honeydew Melon
I <3 Watermelon
Pineapple Delight
Red Delicious Apple
Strawberry Sass
Summer Berry Medley
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Totes Cherry!
Tropical Mango

Garden Lilac
Honeysuckle Hugs
Jasmine Vanilla
Sweet Pea & Lily

Light My Fire!
Napa Leather
Patchouli Sandalwood
Silver Driftwood

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